Here’s my random quickquide take as to why now, why so much:

I think the “corporatizers” woke up recently and realized the writing is on the wall for all to see that the efficacy of these Charter schools is minimal at best.  When factoring in the cost to society – direct in the form of public monies sequestered and indirect in terms of the diminishment of our extant public schooling system — once factored all together the value of charter schools is minimal.  I think this evidence is compelling, but there is a lag before it is broadly known, but it’s now getting ‘out there’:  it (awareness of the data) is nipping at their heels.  From their take-over point of view, they need to burn the bridges of an alternative behind them, else folks will escape back once they realize the change they were offered is not.  That’s the reason for the urgency, if they don’t destroy the vestige of public school alternatives available still, right now, awareness of the rickety “revolution” will be their downfall as folks flee back into the public schools.  It’s do or die for them right now; they must make a push and win over their revolution because the evidence is catching up:  the revolution is not as promised.  For them, it’s about money, they want the revolution to succeed because it will net them boatloads of money.  The ground troops who will bring them this success can only amass in their camp if they believe there is value to being there.  There is not, and awareness through evidence of this is looming.