It’s hard to concentrate on mundane daily life when a novel virus is spreading inexorably through interconnected human communities across the globe. Best to muster authoritative information close:

    • The CDC on handwashing, why and how.
    • Superintendent Beutner’s version of same.
    • On “preparations”, why slowing disease matters.
    • CV daily reports from California’s Public health department.
    • Latest news from LAUSD.
    • Agenda for Tuesday afternoon’s Special LAUSD Board Meeting “Declaring Emergency Conditions Exist at Los Angeles Unified School District Schools and Offices and Authorization to Take Any and All Necessary Actions to Prepare and Respond Effectively to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).”
    • California Department of Public Health guidance for schools and other guidance bulletins.
    • California Department of Public Health news releases.
    • Approval of CA State request to allow meal service during school closures.

Updated 3/10/20 at 1:30pm to reflect ADA impact:

• Symptomatic children are being asked to stay, and are being sent, home.

• “Los Angeles Unified has asked the state to reconsider the existing ADA policies given the COVID-19 situation”.