Please be wary of what you read on the internet, folks. I came across so much that is so suspect. From “public health professionals” no less, too. Following below is a list of reliable sources of information.

The last section at the bottom contains some crowd-sourced parent-lists of activities and Education-y suggestions. Other’s lists haven’t been vetted for accuracy. But they’re also less risky as they are, at least, not directives. Please take your information from public health agencies directly, not from random social media postings of folks self-titled as “pediatricians” or “epidemiologists” or “healthcare professionals”. Remember, on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.

LA EdEx’s updated resource links:

Governmental response including health information, public health measures

Data banks

Employment Concerns

Resources for families

    • LAUSD notification of TV partnership: At-Home Learning, Aprendiendo En Casa
    • Schedule of PBS-SoCal/KCET/KLCS-TV
    • LAUSD Family Resource Guide, Guía de Recursos Para Los Familias
    • A very full and weighty page of LAUSD Resources, including map and list of the 60 “Grab And Go” Food Centers; free educational resources from PBS SoCal, KCET and KLCS-TV; student and parent resources for instructional continuity, including for students with disabilities; online learning resources and IT support
    • LAUSD Communications; statements on school closures, resource center staffing, news links, cool videos on handwashing (though the Wildcats seem proverbially shy of the water).
    • LAUSD Hotline for questions from families (213-443-1300) and staff (213-241-2700)
    • The Los Angeles Public Library is open online!

Practical, helpful blogs and articles with kid-centered information, instructional activities and ideas

Please post your favorite resources below for others to share!