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Hi Folks!

December’s LACDP meeting has been cancelled and November’s report is outstanding; apologies for the delay.

First, please note this time-sensitive news:  from now through December 15 candidate filing for delegates to the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) – “ADEMS” – are open. You, right now, can run for election to become an official delegate to the California Democratic Party (CDP) convention. The deadline to file for candidacy is December 15. And the registration deadline for an ADEM vote by mail ballot is January 11.  Goto cadem.org for this and more info.

Even if you are already registered with the County as a Democrat, in order to vote in these separate elections to the Democratic State Central Committee, you must register separately, with the DCP, for that ballot. Go here for information on what an ADEM does*, how to file to become an ADEM, and how to register for an ADEM ballot.

Note that this Democratic STATE Central Committee (DSCC) is different from the Democratic COUNTY Central Committee (DCCC). Technically they are separate organizations. You recently voted for me to represent you on the LAC DCC – colloquially known as the LACDP (Los Angeles County (LAC) Democratic Central Committee or LAC Dem Party). These elections are governed by California election law, which is why you voted for me during last year’s primary election administered by the County. Election directly to the DSCC is under the purview of the CDP itself. Therefore you must register directly with the CDP to vote in that party election.

The ADEMs you vote in, or rather the people you elect there (the term itself refers to the meeting but people elected as delegates colloquially call themselves “ADEMs” too), will go directly to the state convention. LACDP members must apply to represent the county at the state convention. LACDP has accepted my application for that honor (thank you again!).

See the quick sketch below of this complicated party structure. A good overall sense of the structure is explained in this video, updated (eg, DCCC elections are now every four years not two, and it is now 14 ADEMS/AD elected not 12) with a few more facts and statistics here.

Last month there was a contentious vote at LACDP to request the resignation of County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. The resolution cleared a majority but did not pass our bylaw’s 60% requirement for adoption. The Sheriff spoke at the committee meeting (he is an “ex officio” member as an elected Democrat) and a few pros and cons were presented. But debate under Zoom conditions is fraught. I would have preferred more discussion of the purview of the party and implications of our vote. I would be very interested to hear from constituents as to your feelings regarding DCCC’s purview on this matter, whether you think the Sheriff has transgressed sufficiently as to warrant censure, etc.

Campaigning actually remains in full swing even while LAC has now certified its vote. The State will do so next week. Curing ballots here in CA is now over, but the critical push to swing Georgia Blue is still on. If anyone has time to jump into this fray and is unsure how to start, please contact me for a push in the right direction.


Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about Democratic Party doings. It’s hard to represent you if I can’t hear you! And please help me to reach your friends and neighbors – forward this letter to them and forward their email to me so that I can send the next to them directly!  Thanks….

-Sara (sararoosmv@gmail.com)

*This turns out to be the same existential question revisited over and over again: ¿What is the Democratic Party? ¿What are delegates to it? ¿Do delegates matter/do anything? ¿Why do this? Etc, etc…  so punting on that question, and answer, the point here is … if youd like to be granted permission to spend money to attend and be an official who gets to vote at the State Democratic Party, to and for whatever end, nows one time to step up. County DCC.