A coalition of teachers from across the country known as “Badass Teachers” (“BATS”) has come together — nearly 15,000 of them in less than six days — to object to current US Educational Policy.

To speak out about their deep-seated feelings people have been phoning in to the White House all day on Monday, 6/24/13, requesting the removal of Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education.

The White House Action line, 202-456-1111, has so far been very able to handle the calls though the operators say the flood has been daunting.  Several hundred have reported their calls spontaneously on the FB page already; it is safe to guess ten times that number have phoned and not reported it.

Please join the FB group and add your voice to the White House logs!

Also note that “teacher” has been loosely defined for the purpose of association to mean all those engaged in teaching children, which means parents as well.