An Open Letter To My Neighbors:

Dearest neighbors:

So many friends scold me: “Spare us all those words; get to the point already:

What’s Zimmer Done For Us, And
What Will Happen If The Other Guy Wins”?

I’ve been watching Education politics for four years now, since My Neighbor Kate ran for school board and I had to ask myself: “who IS our school board member anyway, what do they do, and how well have they been doing it”?

To the best of my ability, the following is correct and accurate, if abbreviated. I believe neither campaign would approve fully, either of the summaries or the focus. But I have tried to be fair.

Nevertheless, I urge you to skepticism. The alternative universe entering your consciousness through mailboxes, and sweetened via coffee klatsches, is a narrative of brazen, ‘Big Lies’ that a single minute of your own internet research would dispel factually. Where your leanings clash with what’s below, that’s where to pay special attention to propaganda, realized. For starters, consider this: “arts funding” has no more been decimated because of Steve Zimmer than the ipads project was scrapped owing to him. Please start with my assertions but range far for confirmation.


That was my best shot at brevity. Forgive me, it’s not really my long suit!