Honestly, we do have education news in the pipeline, but it is hard to settle the nerves long enough to report.

So first:  Supporting Kids’ Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

And here’s a treat for your own, or even a geeky middle schooler on up’s, academically-oriented entertainment pleasure.

Talking To Kids/Learning Some Science Around Covid:

Data Banks, Epidemiology

Extracurricular Resources:  Fun / Aid & Assistance: What To Do/What Can I Do?

Resources For Families

Testing Updates

    • CAASP/SBAC statewide testing is cancelled per executive order of California’s governor.
    • ETS ~ administers TOEFL, GREs, CAASP, etc.; IB exams are cancelled for this school year; SAT and ACT testing is cancelled through April awaiting further developments for future decisions. Do not rely on any, including this, second-hand information – confirm rapidly-changing testing dates (hyperlinks above should be OK) with test administrators directly.
    • AP is providing free remote learning access and is “developing a new at-home testing option.”

Academic School Resources

Policy/General LAUSD Information:

Governmental Response Including Health Information, Announcements, Public Health Measures

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