The following will be updated in the sidebar to the right as a running file of information and links about SARS-CoV-2/Covid-19. All articles for the foreseeable future will also feature these links at the bottom.

Talking To Kids/Learning About Covid:

Extracurricular Resources:  Fun, Aid & Assistance – What To Do/What Can I Do?

Academic School Resources

General, all grades ~

Pre/Elementary School ~

Middle School ~

    • QuaranTime, livestreamed (and then archived) every 8am (PST) with “Science Mom” and Math Dad. Check out Science Mom’s archive of excellent videos here.

High School ~

Teachers, Lesson plans ~

Policy/General LAUSD Information:

Resources For Families

Governmental Response Including Health Information, Announcements, Public Health Measures

Data Banks, Epidemiology

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