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Hi Peeps: 

I’m still not seated as your LAC Democratic Party representative in the AD54 yet, but am trying to learn as much as possible in advance of an organizational meeting on June 20, 2020 and the swearing-in on July 11, 2020. These will take place via Zoom but are technically public I believe; email me for a link if you are interested in “attending.”

In electing me it is my responsibility to represent your interests in the Democratic Party. Yet I am just one, fallible person subject to illness or scheduling conflicts with the Party meeting. Even in my sporadic absence your representation must continue, so I am thrilled that Kelly Lortie has agreed to act as my alternate in representing us (you and me both). We will work together as a team: one vote, two “CPUs”, four eyes. Kelly is a parent rep for an LAUSD elementary school. She is as politically astute as any I have met, a fierce advocate for what is right, and nice person too!

(@@) >>> Did you know that you can participate in the final selection of delegates to the DNC (Democratic National Convention) where the Party’s nomination for President occurs? <<<

RIGHT NOW – go here[1] and request your ballot!  If you are a registered Democrat, you are eligible to vote. But you must request your ballot before Thursday, 5/28/20 at 5pm. Your ballot is issued (and differs) according to the (federal) congressional district in which you are registered.  Go here[2] to figure out your federal congressional district.  (Click here[3] for your State of California Assembly and Senate representatives and here[4] for the whole shebang).

When we voted in the primary, the proportion of our votes translate to a certain number of delegates for our candidate who will represent that selection at the nominating DNC. Each campaign maintains a list of delegates pledged to vote for the candidate, and these are distributed by congressional district. It is from among this internal list of pledged delegates that we may now select if you wish.

You would therefore request from the campaign of your choice, the correct ballot that lists pledged delegates from your federal congressional district.  Yep, confusing. The ballot will be sent out electronically on June 5, due back by close-of-business two days later, June 7.  What could go wrong? (What of those without reliable internet access, for example). The process and approved candidates and all their lists by congressional district can be viewed here.

I don’t think there’s anything stopping you from voting to select a delegate from the list of a Democratic candidate whom you did not vote for in the primary. However you’re allowed one vote/one ballot only, and that from your registered congressional district only. The campaigns will have vetted their potential delegates carefully and these will be committed to voting for their candidate; there is unlikely to be any last-minute change of allegiance. But the presence of these delegates at the DNC for even now-withdrawn candidates could make a difference in terms of their approval of other party business, e.g., rules for future elections, and other such committee business.

Contact me for help vetting your list of delegates if you wish. I don’t actually know anything about your particular set, probably, but will work with you to locate advice with which you are comfortable.


sararoosmv@gmail.com, LACDP representative in AD54, elect

[1] https://www.cadem.org/our-party/national-convention/national-convention-district-level-caucus

[2] https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/map

[3] http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/

[4] https://congresslookup.com/