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There’s been some shock about LA City Council members receipt of monies from the LA Police Protective League.

But they all do it, accept money from these PACS.

Here’s the collected contributions to politicians between 2017-2020 from off calaccess of LAPPL, ID# 743579.  There are 170 currently active “Recipient Cmtes” registered throughout the state with the name “Police” in their title. There are four different recipient committees for the “LA Police Protective League” alone. And there are many more LA-based law enforcement associations. This is just one of these PACS. And it contributed a total of $2.5m (so far) to various candidates statewide in the 3½ years between 2017 – 2020.

The table below is organized by the last office type a politician ran for. So if Suzy Q ran for school board and then later Assembly, both contributions get listed as “Asmby”; it’s the politician being tracked here not the office. But it’s interesting to see the spread of office-types that get given to.

The table also lists how many contributions an individual received.  And to save space, if an individual received the same amount and in the same number of contributions, they get batched together on one line, separated by a semi-colon. So the amount listed there is “per each”. And it’s listed inside each category of Office type by the highest-received amount.

Campaign Reform Is A Needed Thing.