Jackie Goldberg

When Do We Want Her?

When The Vote-By-Mail ballots drop next week. 
Or At-The-Polls on March 5, 2019

Marches aren’t particularly reasoned or reasoning affairs. There’s a lot of shouting and assertions amidst a dearth of nuance.

Why should voters in a school district that’s approximately 3/4 Latino vote for a grey-haired, white-skinned, LGBTQ, retired State Legislator?  That is:

Why Do We Want Her?

Because: (1) Experience (2) Competence (3) Fearsomeness (4) Integrity

Jackie Goldberg has a prodigious knowledge of Education Politics. She can talk just about anybody under the table with State bill numbers and legislative strategies and nuanced understanding of where education legislation helps and who is opposed to it and why and how to move things along. That goes for locally as well as in Sacramento. She understands what underlies esoteric funding schemes and shortfalls.  She comprehends what drives and motivates teachers and students and communities. And Unions. And Union members.

It is critical to flip the open LAUSD5 seat away from Charter interests and back to the Public’s. There is no way that had Jackie Goldberg been appointed to fill Board District’s 5’s disgraced charter-representative Rodriguez’s seat that the Kabuki of January’s historic strike would have been fully enacted. The tremendous and valuable gains for public education that were assuredly won, were nevertheless won at the expense of our children and teachers in the here-and-now. That drama could – and should – have been averted through the negotiation and compromise which comes of legislative experience, the hallmark of the legendary legislator Jackie Goldberg.

Jackie Goldberg is revered and respected. In all the videos linked above, her appearance is bookmarked by emotional plaudits fore and aft, all around. Her endorsements and testimonials are endless. Her major competition comes from political operatives with little experience or appreciation of the educational entanglements that lie ahead. Political patronage necessarily impedes conscientious and fair deliberations. And now more than ever our school system needs careful attention. Now more than ever our school board needs strategic operational capabilities. Now more than ever we need to elect a leader among purchased partisans.

Please consider volunteering, donating, meeting or most of all, VOTING for Jackie Goldberg in LAUSD5.  We need politicians interested in doing their job and not ideologues interested only in shutting down democracy.