LAUSD School board member Steve Zimmer has written an electric manifesto excoriating the tormentors of Bennett Kayser. His piece links to outrageous, immoral claims slung both verbally and visually. And he names Kayser’s persecutor: the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA).

Four times Los Angeleno school board voters have deflected this anti-democratic behemoth’s avalanche of filthy slander, designed to substitute authentic discourse with irrepressible prejudice. And as well in Torlakson’s fifth, state-wide election Californians have thwarted the patsies fronted by this group’s fathomless Plutocratic pocketsies.

Every voter should wonder why a tiny group of shockingly wealthy elite from all around the entire country — not this school district — are interested in controlling the schools my children attend – but never theirs. What imperative trumps personal integrity? What accounts for such tenacity? Who could condone an elected official who is the beneficiary of so much immorality as represented by this campaign’s stratagems?

Bennett Kayser does not support the charter school agenda of parasitism on our public district schools. Theirs is not a strategy of replacement or mutualism, even, but of facultative destruction. With limited, and insufficient resources, this class of schools effectively enfeebles then hobbles the democratic ideal of providing a service, free and empowering Education, for all. The modern replacement is a privatized, corporatized, training regimen for deskilled workers, whether by design or inherent pressure. The beneficiary is not a consumer, the students, but rather an ancillary producer, the institution’s vendors, the ones so intent on unseating Bennett Kayser.

We here in Los Angeles have been saying – and voting — the same thing over and over again, for years now: we want our children’s schooling directed by professionals interested in Education, not profit. Be skeptical of money that is relentless in pitching a monochromatic private agenda. Bennett Kayser’s is a public agenda that is far, far simpler, driven by the only ones who matter: your children and mine.

Vote out the invading wildings: Keep Our Schools Public.

Vote for Bennett Kayser