I am ashamed of My LAUSD.

I just heard on KPCC that LAUSD is “asking its students not to walk out on Wednesday”.

Ashamed and disgusted.

LAUSD is further asking its parents to encourage its kids not to walk out, not to honor their “colleagues” who died and call attention to their own jeopardy as sitting ducks in a fishbowl of an enclosed institution.

Yes, LAUSD is mandated to keep our children safe. But yes, their capacity to do so is limited by the milieu in which we all operate.

Guns are everywhere, “hormones” are especially prevalent in High Schools and it is everyone’s right and responsibility to agitate for basal, housekeeping rules-of-society to keep their own safe.

I am so proud of those Floridian kids with the power and seeming capacity to lead where their parents have failed. I want to support them. I want to support any of our kids who want to support them. I would like to see the school doors of every school in the nation open up to let a flood of our youth march until their elders heed them, heed them in doing what needs to be done to take steps toward some safety.

OK, it won’t keep them entirely “Safe”; that’s not the point. Important incremental change is, and acknowledging the imbalance of respect is. Respecting the legal right of property over one’s legal right of well-being is a strange choice. It is everyone’s prerogative to weigh in on, and the public has done so in direct opposition with our elected officials.

If our Kids want to turn out with their colleagues all across the nation, it is my opinion that our kids’ administrators should enable this important stance, not discourage it.

** Please forward this far and wide. I would be happy to sign my kid out
if that would help LAUSD legally…. is there room for negotiation? **