Click here, for City of LA Controller Galperin’s behested payments, which suggest significant corporate and beholden sympathies. Behested payments are contributions to a nonprofit made at the “behest” (request) of an elected official; url above. More than one quarter of these “extra-campaign” funds are from tech. Nearly 5% is money from city vendors of policing equipment and waste management services. Nearly 10% is from political candidates and public entities such as LADWP and the Met (water agency). After tech money, construction-developer money is next-most plentiful. Taken together with investment money which is the bedrock of construction, real estate money surpasses tech’s.

LA Controller Galperin is running to be the State of CA’s next controller; the primary is June 7, 2022. His principle challenger is the current Board of Equalization member from Northern CA, Malia Cohen.

Caveat: these categories are not independent, are cursorily constructed and assigned, and meant as a rough organizational tool only.